Why Creativity in the School Matters More Than Ever

Teach design - not software

Focus on Creativity

SketchUp is an easy to learn, yet powerful tool that allows your students to get up to speed quickly so they can focus on creating great designs. After all, great designers are what you’re fostering, so send them into the professional world armed with a tool that’s a standard across design industries.

Learning a specific skill set doesn’t have the value in today’s world that it once did. Learning how to be more creative and thus adaptable is what prepares students for life beyond the classroom. When you start allowing more formats in the way students create and learn, they’ll have more opportunities to engage with the work they do and will become more invested in it.

Have you ever seen a student excited when you assigned a chapter in a textbook?

At the SketchUp Video Center you can find instructional tutorials from beginner tool tips to intermediate and advanced modeling techniques.

Let the future inventors develop their skills  by hearing, seeing and practicing.

You are not alone teaching SketchUp

Obviously, finding ways to get your students to be more creative requires some creativity on your part too.  We’ve got a lot of resources that can provide you with some starter ideas and help on away, but we know educators and students can come up with many more.

Get support for everything SketchUp or get quick advice in the SketchUp Forums.

The SketchUp help center is a fully loaded 3D modeling encyclopedia for you to dig deeper into everything from tools and extensions to licensing installation and authorization solutions.

 Ask our vast community of experts who want to help answer questions, compare notes, or share curriculum.