Leonardo Da Vinci in 3D

Dare to combine studies of history, mathematics, physics and 3D design?

Great! Keep reading and let your fantasies fly free.

Just a few days ago, The British Library released 570 pages of Leonardo da Vinci's manuscripts online, The Codex Arundel.

Now anyone can be inspired by the ideas and creations of one of the most inventive minds of the Renaissance. You can just dive into the hundreds of ideas for mechanics, constructions, airplanes, helicopters, parachutes, submarines and automobiles and try to create your own 3D model for this.

The most incredible thought is, that these inventions were planned for centuries before they were developed and brought to the world. Now even you can feast on these manuscripts as The British Library made them available for free for everyone to read and enjoy.

Just import an image into SketchUp and let the history guide you on a magical journey through the centuries. Fun and educating! Need guidens to get started? No worries! There are plenty of instructional videos on the SketchUp blog site. If you want a shortcut to see the many 3D creations already built, just head over to the worlds largest collection of 3D models - 3D warehouse for SketchUp  - and search for Leonardo Da Vinci!