SketchUp Challenge – Students



We want you to create super lovely square out of a... quite dull one!

We believe the new square will be an including and safe place for everyone ♥
Please consider all the functional variations that occur among people in our everyday life.


The competition is a single user competition,
which means one creator/competitor per contest entry.


The happy winner will get hers/his very own
SpaceNavigator® 3D Mouse from 3Dconnexion!
Second and third place winners will get branded gifts!


The mission is to re-design a current square in SketchUp. The square we have in mind is Lilla Torg in the very center of Halmstad, a smaller town on the Swedish West Coats. The area is partly occupied by outside dinings and cafés in the summertime (which are removed during the cold and rainy parts of the year). However, most of the available surface is occupied by parking lots. It's up to you if you want to take into account the outdoor seatings when creating your model. We want  you to use your creativity and let the imagination fly high! And at the same time; have in mind that this public meeting point should be an including and safe place for everyone with consideration to the functional variations that occur among people in everyday life. The new design shall be based on the current square in size and shape, and a comparison will be made when your model is evaluated by the jury.

To join the competition, you must:

→ upload your model to 3D Warehouse with hashtag #NWPsquare2019

complete this contest form

→ respect the deadline of 20th of May 2019


You must be attending an education at a Nordic university and be able to show student ID if required.
The model must be made in SketchUp and uploaded to 3D Warehouse as a .skp file.
The 3D model shall be created from scratch. The competitors are not allowed to use any ready-made models from 3D Warehouse or any other modelling page.
We have no requirements for size restrictions. However, when uploading your file to 3D Warehouse the size can't exceed 50MB (which is pretty big for a model, so you probably won't need to worry about file size).
By adding your model to our competition, you agree to Northway Partner using it for marketing purposes.
By adding your model to our competition, you agree to our Privacy Policy and General Competition Terms and Conditions.





We're here for you if you have any questions!