The Jury

The Jury

Allyson McDuffie

Trimble, USA

Allyson joined the SketchUp team in 2004 during its startup days to help create an official education program. She led that effort through SketchUp's 6 years with Google as a Senior Strategist in the Geo division, and the past 6 years with Trimble as the Education Manager for SketchUp in the Architecture Division. In her more recent role as Director of Education & Outreach Programs for the wider Buildings group within Trimble, she works to herd the cats among our many divisions in promoting the adoption of our breadth of DBO solutions within education institutions.

Lone Wenneberg

FutureCompany, Denmark

Lone Wenneberg is the Managing Director of FutureCompany and in Denmark. She founded the company in 2000, and the company became official reseller of SketchUp in 2016.. FutureCompany/ is providing SketchUp courses for architects and designers in Denmark since 2011.  In Lone's daily work she is in contact with many architects and designers trying to find the best software solution for their projects and company.

Gio Siradze

M.A.D, Finland

Gio has been working with 3D-modeling almost 20 years and through the years have been using several different 3D-softwares. He likes SketchUp the most, because its intuitive and fast. Currently he work as product manager, expert and SketchUp trainer at M.A.D.

Fredrik Emilsson


Fredrik works at CADELIT AB where he educates in SketchUp and makes different customizations. He started his journey with SketchUp in 2002, and he loves elegant and functional solutions where the aesthetic design and function go hand in hand. A solid feeling is also an important component. In his spare time he find therapy in inventing and designing gadgets that, of course, are drawn in SketchUp and often result in 3D-printed details.

Paul Batt-Rawden

Infinity Innovations, Norway

Paul is qualified as a professional photographer in England – Advertising & Architecture. He has had several studios in Norway. He bought a Commodore 64, learnt Basic & Pascal to write picture database in early 80’s. He has worked in software development & marketing of 3D, VR & AR design tools for over 20 years. In 1996 he founded Infinity Innovations. Paul has been working with SketchUp for almost 3 years.

Danis Tran

Creative Tools, Sweden

Danis has been working at Creative Tools for 11 years. He was previously working with 3D modeling and visualization of industrial products. Now he works as a technician for 3D printers.

The Northway Partner team

Johan Gustafsson

Northway Partner AB, Sweden


Josefine Elmgren

Northway Partner AB, Sweden

Sales and Customer Support

Tim Wahlström

Northway Partner AB, Sweden

Key Account Manager

Stina Törneman

Northway Partner AB, Sweden

Marketing Communication Specialist