SketchUp announces 3D challenge

Trimble has announced this year's 3D modeling SketchUp challenge, and the theme is a whole lot of fun!

The mission is to create your own dream world in one single room. The idea of a "room" seems to be quite free for the reader to interpret and no size limit is set. The only requirement is that the contestants keep the creation inside four walls. The jury also want to see the competitors rendering skills (using any renderer). The contributions will be judged based on modeling abilities, rendering skills and the creators ability to create a dream scene. In addition to these competition rules, the playing field is free for both the creativity and dreams to take shape!

What's the winners prize?

The winner gets a 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator 3D Mouse, the right to brag, and her/his winning model printed and hung as art on the wall at SketchUp's headquarter.

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