Modeling the future: NYSID students hit the ground running with 3D skills

From a passion and background that started with architecture and interior design, Professor Leyla Aghayeva has always been inspired by the concept and 3D design process. Because of this interest, she’s been teaching SketchUp, V-Ray, 3DS Max, and Photoshop for the past few years to some of the top interior design students in the country at New York School of Interior Design (NYSID). We learn about her class, teaching style, and how SketchUp helps her students excel.

What does your course look like in a semester and how do you incorporate SketchUp?

One of the courses that I've been teaching focuses specifically on SketchUp & V-Ray it's a seven-week mini-course. In this course, we start with the basics of 3D modeling in SketchUp such as building walls, slabs, windows, and doors. From there, we learn to import CAD plans, use Layers to organize our files, and use 3D Warehouse to add furniture. 

Throughout the course, the class learns how to use materials, how to create Scenes, and how to add Styles. We also learn how to use V-Ray for SketchUp to produce renderings. At the end of the course, students are familiar with 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, and are able to continue using SketchUp in their current or future projects.

Could you share any SketchUp work from yourself or your students?

In my SketchUp course, we work on two mini-projects: designing a bathroom and designing a staircase. For both projects, we create 3D models in SketchUp as well as use V-Ray for final renderings. We produce SketchUp Style Views, and either section or interior renderings of the bathroom in the first half of the course.

In the second half, we focus on modeling a few staircase options. Since there are different SketchUp tools we can use to create staircases, the class is able to create more than one staircase, which helps them practice their SketchUp skills. They choose their favorite, final option and render it in V-Ray.

Two of Professor Aghayeva’s students talk to us about the work they produced during the course, and what future careers they want to pursue after graduation.

I learned SketchUp over the course of seven weeks. While the pace was certainly fast, each week logically built my knowledge and confidence. Our professor provided helpful videos to visually convey design techniques. One thing I really appreciate about SketchUp is how well it works with other design programs. Using a SketchUp Extension, I was easily able to maintain AutoCAD scale proportions and print my drawings to PDF.

Says Elaine Browne, student at Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design at NYSID.

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