Landskrona 3D modeled by Holygon

On September 13th, a 3d-printed model of Landskrona inner city will be displayed in the City Hall entrance. The model is realistically detailed and covers two square kilometers of the inner city. It's created in scale 1:1000 and highly accurate containing copies of the architecture, trees and sidewalks of the city.

The founders of the 3d studio Holygon, Felix Heuman and Anders Lyhagen, created the 3d model on behalf of Landskrona city, and the model will make the development of the city easily understandable and accessible to all. The model was designed in SketchUp Pro 2018 and the work took over 1 000 hours.

As a first step, the city was photographed from above and a point network was built using a light radar. In this way, all details and colors could be depicted in the smallest detail. The model consists of 35 000 items and the designer has made sure that all details in the model matches the reality in geometry and color.

After the model was completed, all parts of the models was 3d printed by Landskrona city. The model consists of 40 different plates that are changeable. As new construction projects will be completed, new tiles will be made for the model to reflect Landskrona of today.

The project has taken three months to complete and will for the first time be displayed in Landskrona City Hall on Thursday, where it also will be permanently placed to give residents and visitors a chance to see the city center in miniature. This way, building management can use the model for future urban construction projects and for better citizenship dialogue.

Felix Heuman, Design Manager, and Anders Lyhagen, Technology Manager, Holygon