Play. Share. Anywhere. In AR/VR.

Kubity displays SketchUp and Revit models seamlessly across all your devices – from iPhone/iPad and Android apps to web browsers and Oculus Rift. Visualize, explore, and present your 3D models on any screen, anywhere, by just dropping your 3D model into the Kubity app. The powerful technology crystallizes your file for unconstrained playback with real-time rendering, wherever you are.

This means you can:

1. Take your models on-the-go for onsite augmented reality from your mobile
2. Instantly share models over text, on social media, or device-to-device with a quick scan of the QR code
3. Present on a big screen while using your device as a controller
4. Experience next-gen immersive VR with Oculus Rift
5. Discover models in 1:1 scale with e.g. Google Cardboard

Augmented reality
The dedicated AR app takes models beyond the screen. Imagine the ability to overlay a model onto printed construction plans to create 3D visualizations and present stages of the project over time. Place your models into real-world spaces and physically walk around them. Take a scale model out of your pocket and onto the conference table so clients can move around and explore. It’s also a great on-the-go solution for visualizing models onsite, and helps you build smarter by placing models in their eventual real-world locations.
Virtual reality
On-the-go VR solutions made simple and accessible anywhere: on a desktop, a mobile or on a tablet, and without an expensive VR headset. You can jump right in with a Google Cardboard or try “glasses-free” Magic Window VR. Cardboard VR is a great way to impress clients onsite, while fully immersive VR with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive is a mind-blowing way to step inside the model and experience true to scale space.
Screen mirroring
The Kubity Mirror companion app syncs your mobile or tablet to a model in the Kubity desktop app or on your browser. It then allows you to control and present it on a big screen. This feature works with the devices you use every day and is completely wireless; a great tool to present your work from the palm of your hand.
Cinematic tour
Creating 360° fly-throughs of 3D models used to be time consuming and expensive. But that was before.
With Kubity, it’s easy to create impressive 360° animated fly-throughs by auto-importing scenes from your model.
First-person perspective
Walk. Jump. Explore. Find the fun in discovering your model from a first person point-of-view. It’s a great tool to show prospective clients how to move intuitively through a space.
The plugin is compatible with
VR headset
Discover models in 1:1 scale virtual reality with e.g. Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR.
Immersive VR: Experience instant next-gen immersive VR with Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.
Kubity is compatible with most devices including iPhone, iPad, and Android. View the complete list on App Store and Google Play.


A Kubity Pro License costs €399,00 euro per year and user.


Prices do not include tax.

Kubity Pro requirements.