SketchUp Akatemia for finnish users

For Nordic users, the professional guides in native languages are rare and we are hoping to shed a light for those available. So, here's a great tip for our finnish readers. Whether you are a newbie needing help for installing SketchUp, seeking practical examples how to get started or interested to learn more about the program or an advanced user, needing help with more complex issues, checking out the new features or just have an interest to join the discussion forum to share your ideas with your co-SketchUpers: Let's introduce you to

Responsible for this site is Lasse Home, a SketchUp fan and super-user, who's main profession is to educate CAD-users to become more aware of the benefits of the software they are using. Lasse noticed that even though there is a lot of SketchUp information online, the lack of finnish instructional material of SketchUp was obvious. After all, SketchUp is one of the most popular 3D software and very popular among the finnish users too. Lasse wanted to create a site where he could share tips and upload guides to make life easier for finnish speaking SketchUp users. All instructions are for free and visitor will find Sketchup Akatemia a great source of guidence, no matter level of SketchUp skills.

SketchUp Guide - SketchUp Käsikirja

Lasse Home has also published a printed instructional book, to guide users from scratch to pro. Using rich examples and engaging pedagogical tools, the book equips its readers to master the challenges of SketchUp. The book starts with basic features and covers up every step to more complex issues, as creating your own component library. The book is suitable for both Windows and Mac users and both os versions are clearly presented with accurate short codes for each.

The easiest way to purchase the SketchUp Käsikirja is to place an order at Holvi-kirjakauppa.