Licensing FAQ
What is a Trimble ID?

A “Trimble ID” is a username and password combination i.e. credentials used to access
Trimble services. Your “Trimble ID” is both your username and email address.

What is a named user?

A named user means that the Trimble ID account corresponds to a real person.

What is a Trimble Account?

Your account is all the information we have about you. It’s
basically like that “permanent record” in school where they recorded all the bad things you
did to tell colleges and future employers about. Seriously though, an account is a collection
of profiles about you. Typically these profiles correspond to products and the information is
in the form of settings, preferences or stored information like shipping addresses.

Do I have to trade in my classic license when I buy a Subscription?

No. Customers do not have to trade-in a perpetual SketchUp Pro Classic license when they purchase Subscription.
So a customer could continue using an old version of SketchUp alongside a subscription.

What happens if i wish to purchases additional Subscription licenses?

Customers can always buy more Subscriptions of any available product. Additional purchases
will be calculated at prorated prices and co-termed (subscription dates aligned) to renew on
the account anniversary date.

Anniversary dates
An anniversary date is the day when a Subscription renews. An Account has one anniversary
date. If a customer has existing Subscriptions anywhere in Trimble, additional purchases will
be prorated to align with the anniversary date. Proration is based on the number of days
remaining in the Subscription term.

What happens when a SketchUp Pro Subscription ends?

After Expiration of a subscription, users will lose access to paid versions of our apps. They
are effectively downgraded to Free subscriptions where possible. This will allow access to
data stored in Trimble Connect and viewing of 3D models in SketchUp Free. If a user has
more than 10GB of data stored in Trimble Connect, that data will be available on a read-only
basis. This means that users can load this data into SketchUp for Web or download manually
from Trimble Connect (or SketchUp for Web).

I currently have a SketchUp Pro Classic license. Can I use both my Classic and Subscription applications on my computer?

Yes. A Classic license will override a Subscription for the desktop apps. Meaning if you have a
Subscription and a serial number, SketchUp Pro for Desktop will pull your license from your
serial number. Other Subscription products in the bundle will work alongside a Classic

Can I use my licenses on more than one machine?

Yes, you can authorize SketchUp Pro for Desktop on up to 2 machines. This is true for both the SketchUp Pro Classic and Subscription licensing.

How can I remove a license from my computer?

To remove a Subscription license from your machine once it’s been installed/authorized, simply sign out to remove your subscription licenses from the device. This includes desktop,
Sketchup for Web and our mobile/XR apps.

If you want to move your SketchUp Pro Classic license from one computer to another these are the steps you will have to follow:

Open SketchUp
Select Help > License.
Click the Remove License link. A confirmation dialog box appears.
Click the Remove License button to confirm that you want to remove your license.
Now one of your two authorizations is available to use.

Open SketchUp
Select SketchUp > License.
Click the Remove License link. A confirmation dialog box appears.
Click the Remove License button to confirm that you want to remove your license.
Now one of your two authorizations is available to use.

What's the difference between a SketchUp Pro Classic Single user and a Network license?

A Single-user license is assigned to one person and can only be used by the registered user it is not allowed to share a license in any way. That individual can install the license on two computers that they use. This is typically a work computer/Desktop and a laptop.

Network Licenses:
A network license is not assigned to an individual user. The software can be installed on as many computers as you wish. The license is stored in a Trimble-operated server in the cloud, and the software points to that license.

You will need a constant internet connection and port 5053 & 50530 needs to be opened.

Note that when you purchase a new networks license a minimum a 5-seats need to be bought.

How do I administer my SketchUp Pro Classic Network License?

For your SketchUp Pro network license to work, ports 5053 and 50530 must be open. You also need to authorize SketchUp Pro on the computers that will use it.

If you're distributing SketchUp across a larger network, you may wish to use the MSI file (Windows 64-bit installer) or to use a disk imaging package, such as Norton Ghost or Deep Freeze.

Tip: In either distributed-installation strategy, you can simplify the licensing process by including a file that pre-populates the serial number and authorization code for users so they don’t need to enter it themselves.

To fill in the serial number and authorization code for users, follow these steps:

Ensure that SketchUp Pro is installed on all computers.
Create a file named activation_info.txt.
In that file, add your network serial number and authorization code in the following format:
"serial_number":"YOUR SERIAL NUMBER",

Tip: Be sure to include the quotation marks in the file as well as the commas. For example, the activation_info.txt file could look something like this:


Tip: If you have an expiring (single-user) and you plan on renewing your upgrade, maintenance, and support plan, you can further modify the activation_info.txt file to maintain the license and extend the expiration date without any further changes to the license. To do so, add a third line with this flag: "allow_reactivation":"true". With the third line, the full contents of the activation_info.txt file look like this:


Save the file and distribute it to each machine. On Microsoft Windows, distribute the file to C:\ProgramData\SketchUp\SketchUp 2018.

On Mac OS X, distribute the file to /Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2018.

Launch SketchUp on each machine or ask your users to open SketchUp Pro.

In the Welcome to SketchUp dialog box that appears, click the Add License button at the top and then click Add License in the License area that appears.

Alert: If "allow_reactivation"="true" is added later, you will need to remove and re-add the license with the adjusted activation_info.txt file.

Where can I find software Terms and Conditions for SketchUp Pro?

You can read the full agreement here: https://www.sketchup.com/license/f/sketchup

Technical FAQ
Is there anything i need to consider when installing on Windows?

For Windows users: When you install SketchUp for the first time make sure to right click on the installation file and choose “Run as administrator”.
When you are about to launch SketchUp for the first time after the installation is complete do the same.

Do I need to open any ports?

Yes, SketchUp needs access on the following ports and:
80, 8080, and 443

SketchUp Pro classic Network license also need access to ports 5053 & 50530 to function.

Is there multiple language available for the SketchUp Pro desktop Client?

Yes there is, but we recommend that you use the English version of the software instead of any local translation.
This is simply because the English version is more frequently updated and have less bugs.

Does SketchUp have to connect to the Internet to work now?

SketchUp subscriptions now include products that run on many different platforms,
including desktop, mobile and web applications. Some of those need a constant connection
to the internet and some do not.

Can I use 3rd-party extensions in SketchUp Pro Web?

Extensions are not supported in SketchUp Web, sextensions is only supported in the SketchUp Pro desktop client.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use the SketchUp Pro client?

Not continuously, but you do need to be connected to the internet to activate SketchUp Pro Classic licenses (and our other desktop applications like LayOut).
Subscription customers can use SketchUp offline for up to 28 days before we ask you to check in online again. Customers who need more time offline can contact us to get longer offline periods.

I'm running into display issues what can I do?

If you run into installation issues, display issues or SketchUp run slow always try to update your CPU and Graphics/video card drivers first. In many cases this will be enough to solve the issue.

If that does not work try the following:

Open SketchUp
On PC go to Window -> Preferences -> OpenGL -> untick the option for "Use fast feedback"
On MAC go to the SketchUp Menu - -> OpenGL -> untick the option for "Use fast feedback"

Please not that the above should only be considered as a temporary fix. Try to re-enable it at some point and see if the view-port is displaying correctly.