FAQ – SketchUp

I'm having problems installing SketchUp what can I do?

Before you do anything else please try the steps here. If this does not solve your problem please email us at support@northwaypartner.com and explain your problem. Please include screenshots of any errors if possible.

SketchUp is unbearably slow what can I do?

If you are using Windows 10 it most likely has to do with a "Windows Update"
Please go to this forum thread and try the solutions there. Also, make sure to upgrade your video drivers.

How can I remove a license from my computer?

You can find information on how to authorize or remove a SketchUp license here.

Is there any way to monitor the usage of my Network License?

Trimble has developed a tool called Network Admin Reports, you can find it here.

How do I administer my Network License?

Please go to this link for complete information.